Rethink Awards – congratulations

Thursday 28/06, we had our first Rethink Awards Ceremony. Surprising approaches and inspiring points of views showed that every Mediafin Studios team has implemented the idea of “thinking outside the box” in their daily routine.

As they say in the Olympics, it is not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts. So we would like to thank you for the ideas! We hope you enjoyed the ideas and that they gave you inspiration for the next Rethink Awards (deadline: November).

The winners

The Finance Team’s initiative attracted the attention of the expert jury.

The jury was convinced by the idea of proposing an efficient multimedial plan for the finpub-ads.

A landing page and a “finpub banner” will support the online presence of the paper ads.

The second initiative gained the audience’s vote. The “Sabato + Filip’s-team” initiative convinced you with the project: “Sabato takes digital to the next level”. They want to reinvent Sabato by creating an increased interactivity with the readers (content & advertising). A classy look & feel, generating traffic via social media, new advertising formats, Sabato collectors items … could help to elaborate completely this initiative. 

Both teams are rewarded not only with a state-of-the-art award, but also with a delicious lunch @La Crèche des Artistes.

Next time, it could be your team’s project! What will be your Rethink-idea for November?

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